We are incredibly grateful for the support from the community with sponsorships, partnerships or general sharing of our content and events.

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Geelong Insurance Brokers

Community, it’s at the heart of everything we do here at Right Mate and that extends through to partnering with organisations who align with our core values.

The team at Geelong Insurance Brokers are one such organisation and after a recent meeting with them, they have generously agreed to come on board and sponsor the relevant insurance we need as an incorporated association. Having our insurance covered means we can go out with greater confidence into the community, engage with more groups and deliver the workshops we have curated to provide knowledge and confidence to the broader community when it comes to Mental Health.

For this alone, we can’t thank them enough and it goes without saying that we highly recommend talking with the team at GIB for your insurance needs – they take the time to understand you, ask the right questions to ensure they have a clear understanding and then provide options that are tailored to your individual needs.

Finally, watch this space for more about this key partnership with Right Mate as work towards some key events throughout the year as we strive to reach more people than ever before.

Marshall Cricket Club

In a year where meaningful connection and community has meant more than ever before, the team at Right Mate Incorporated has joined with Marshall Cricket Club to create a first of its kind partnership within the Geelong Cricket Association.

For the next 3 years, Right Mate will be the well-being partner of Marshall Cricket Club, working closely with it’s Committee, Coaches, Players and Families as they work together to break the stigma associated with mental health and provide a safe haven within their club and community.

Through a series of workshops, information sessions and various other avenues, they will look to educate, empower and move beyond the conversation by understanding the why and ultimately build a culture within their club and community where mental health is talked as openly as physical health.

As Marshall Cricket Club President Russell Menzies says, “The health and well-being of our members and the community we are part of is more important than winning a flag and we believe that Chris, Luke and the team at Right Mate are the right choice to help guide our club down the well-being path.”

The Australian Men’s Health Forum

Right mate is proud to be a member of The Australian Men’s Health Forum (AMHF), the peak national body for men’s health.

Coffee Sponsors: The Man Walk – Geelong

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