Sponsorship Opportunities


It has the power to connect, to comfort, to start conversation…to heal.

For our Man Walk Crew it’s an integral part of our weekly walk, so we’re offering you, our community, the opportunity to help our men and keep the social connection flowing.

In conjunction with our amazingly supportive café Orchid&Co we’re looking for individuals or businesses who would like to “pay it forward” and sponsor our coffees for either 1 week or longer.

In return, we’ll print and place a sticker of your logo on the takeaway coffee cups, recognise you with a post across our socials and if you choose to sponsor our coffees for a month, place your logo on the partnership page on our website.

Want to know more?

Send us an email at hello@rightmate.org.au

Your simple act of kindness has the power to make a hugely positive impact on our men.

Chris & Luke